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The experience of creating our custom wedding dance with Lola, for my husband and myself was amazing. We were able to shock our family and friends and create a truly magical moment on our wedding day thanks to Lola. She is a wonderful dance teacher and such a kind caring person.


Lola is incredible!! If she can teach us to dance she can teach anyone! Our wedding dance was perfect and wouldn’t have been possible with out her brilliance! Not only that she is a beautiful caring person and was so lovely to have her their at our wedding for added dance support and to show us some moves on the dance floor later! 


The most amazing dance teacher on the coast, made our wedding preparation fun exciting & special. Our wedding dance was the highlight of our wedding a forever memory thanks to our groovy Lola xoxo


Lola is a fabulous Lady, fantastic dancer and incredible teacher – she has it all, and no wonder with a lifetime of passion and experience. Just a delight to spend time with, a wonderful human being and animal lover !!


Some teachers can dance well but lack teaching skills. I was pleased to learn Lola has both. Equally important she is diverse and can teach many different modes of dance. She is always impressing those privileged enough to see her do her stuff! With a nickname like ‘Lefty’ I was a challenge and I remain so unfortunately. Lola has been undaunting and patient – a wonderful teacher and mentor!


Our six year old daughter Ella really enjoys going to ballroom dancing with Lola.. Not only has she learned a new style of dance which will serve her well later in life, she has also learned about working with a partner, discipline and an appreciation for following her own path. Lola is a wonderful teacher and imparts her knowledge in a very committed and efficient manner all the while making you feel part of the family. We would definitely recommend her as a dance instructor.


I found Lola to be professional in her outlook and her teaching skills and confidence in taking on new students and letting them believe that they can dance and dance confidently.  The atmosphere at Lola’s very relaxed and very friendly, and guarantee you will leave at the end, of every dance lesson with a smile on your face, and confidence within yourself. You will be looking forward to the next dance lesson. Lola’s professionalism and friendly approach have given me confidence in learning Rock n Roll, something I have been wanting to do for 30 years, without a doubt she is the best in the business!!


My Husband Colin and I have been dancing with Lola for about 5 years now. We really enjoy our Friday nights, we do not only learn new dances, we also have fun. Many dance companies are very serious and this is fine if you are planning to go further, but most of us go to Lola’s to learn to dance socially. If you wish to learn more seriously such as for Weddings etc. then you are best to have the private dance lessons with Lola. We have made many lovely friends through dancing with Lola. Lola is so passionate about her dancing she will have you dancing all night, until you sit down for a rest!


Lola is very patient…even with those who claim to have two left feet! On both nights there is a variety of ages and experience levels – and everyone always achieves something during the night. I personally love my ‘nights with Lola’, as she has such as wealth of know-how and knowledge of the dance and music world and is always happy to tell us her stories and extra dance tips. Most of the regulars, myself included, have often said how much more we learn with Lola in a few nights than in months or years at other dance studios. After my time at Lola’s Dance Boutique, I know that I will have a love of dance for of the rest of my life, and in addition I can get up onto any dance floor and show them how it’s done!


We have been attending social dance classes with Lola for two years. Lola always makes us feel welcome and accommodates everyone in class having regard to their individual abilities and dance interests. Lola’s instruction is excellent. Lola teaches basic steps by demonstration and then observes couples while they practice. Lola builds on basic steps each week which gives her students an excellent repertoire of dance steps. For us, this has meant we are able to dance confidently in social settings, such as at weddings and on cruises, regardless of the type of music playing and the dance space available.

Louise & Stephen Edmondson


When I started dancing at Lola’s Dance Boutique I was a novice. Despite being uncoordinated and not a natural dancer, in just a few months I have had so much fun learning a variety of dances and have now reached a stage where dancing is really enjoyable. I have found it easy to follow Lola’s instructions during the lessons and this together with the dance scripts that she provides it did not take me long to feel comfortable with the various dances. Lola is renowned for her professionalism and expert technique and this together with her patience and good sense of humour make learning how to dance such a pleasant experience. With her charming personality she creates a lovely atmosphere at the dancing sessions and everybody soon seems to have feel relaxed and part of a friendly big family.


We decided to take up ballroom dancing as way for us as a couple to get some exercise together and saw it as a chance to spend some time together as a couple away from kids and routine. We were a bit nervous as we both are not very good dancers but Lola made us feel so comfortable and special right from the first moment we made contact with her via email. Dancing on Friday nights is the highlight of our week, the classes are so much fun and we have made some great new friends. Lola you are an amazing dance teacher – your professionalism and expert technique combined with the dedication and love that you have showered us with has been an absolute blessing in our lives. We not only consider you an awesome dance teacher but a family friend. Thank you Lola.

Rod & Wendy Farrell

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